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Flow Yoga comes to Balima

2018-07-12 - Balima Flow

How is yoga linked to Bali? Bali, "the Island of the Gods", is one of the Mother Earth's unique spiritual cultures. At the heart of Balinese culture, is an essential unity between a healthy body, mind & soul. Balinese people consider that the natural world around us is connected with spiritual energy, a force that…

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2017-04-18 - News

Depuis le lancement de Balima Day Spa, notre mission était de créer une authentique escapade urbaine avec une qualité de massage et de services personnels surpassant toutes expectations. Avec un degré de stress élevé dans notre société d’aujourd’hui, nous savons que notre travail était d’amener un sanctuaire de repos pour traiter le corps, la pensée…

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Poste d’emploi: Massothérapeute

2017-04-01 - News

Massothérapeute Balima Day Spa est un sanctuaire de repos inspiré par la culture du spa magique de Bali. Basé sur les principes traditionnels du massage et du pouvoir du touchée humain, notre gamme de soins a pour but de traiter le corps, l’esprit et l’âme. Nous offrons des services de bien-être d’une qualité supérieure aux personnes…

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What on earth is Wellness?

2016-06-21 - News

Wellness (noun) the state of being in good physical and mental health (Collins English Dictionary) Referring to oneself as a wellness company is brave in today’s growing, and somewhat saturated, health and fitness market. It is an industry buzzword with a vague definition (as seen above) but does it have a deeper meaning? Here at Balima, we want…

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VCO for skincare? I Should Coco

2016-04-01 - News


5 Reasons your skin loves VCO Virgin coconut oil (VCO) remains hugely popularity throughout the world as an edible cooking oil and a natural hair tonic. There are also numerous benefits when used on the skin as is traditionally used in Bali and other tropical climates, with an increasing amount of scientific research in support. As the main ingredient…

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How to Massage in 5 Simple Steps

2016-03-21 - News


How to Massage like a Pro Giving a massage is a perfect way to demonstrate you care about someone and share quality time. People need human touch (our most meaningful sense) but it is often neglected in today’s disconnected society. Paramount to its numerous health benefits, massage helps us feel good. By following these 5…

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