Intense and efficient treatments tailored to fast-paced lifestyles or simply a quick getaway.

Executive Back Rub

Rejuvenating massage relieve stress and release the build-up of tension in the back, neck, head & shoulders.

CHF 115 45 min
CHF 150 60 min



Powerful ancient treatment using trigger points in the feet to stimulate corresponding bodily systems and clear toxins from major organs.

CHF 115 45 min
CHF 150 60 min


The Athlete (*NEW*)

Restorative deep massage of the glutes, thighs, calves and feet. The ideal treatment to promote muscle recovery post-ski, cycling, running and sports training.

CHF 115 45 min
CHF 150 60 min





Timeless classics from around the world that deliver massage the way it should be; firm, thorough and full of feeling.

Relaxing Swedish

Medium-to-light pressure massage using long, soothing strokes to increase blood circulation and induce a deep sense of relaxation.

CHF 150 60 min
CHF 205 90 min


California Deep-Tissue

Firm manual techniques to breakdown muscular tension, increase energy flow & replenish tired muscles. Uplifting & energising effects.

CHF 150 60 min
CHF 205 90 min


Mother-To-Be (*NEW*)

Relaxing pre-natal massage to soothe and comfort expectant mothers in the 2nd & 3rd trimester. Focused attention to gently alleviate overworked muscles in the neck, shoulders, back & legs.

CHF 150 60 min
CHF 205 90 min


Double Expresso

A detoxifying 45min Reflexology session followed by a revitalising 45min Back massage. An efficient 2-in-1 treatment to relieve stress, clear toxins and realign deep layers of muscle and connective tissue to reduce tension in vital areas.

CHF 155 60 min
CHF 210 90 min





Escape the routine and embrace the art of letting-go in true Balinese style. An original journey of the senses.

Mandi Lulur

Exfoliating body scrub followed by soothing massage to enrich the skin & soul. A beauty ritual originating from Javanese royalty, it uses unique blends of herbs and spices to eliminate dead skin cells and restore life to our largest organ.

CHF 160 60 min
CHF 220 90 min


Bali Santai

Signature Balinese massage combination of acupressure, kneading and rhythmic movements. Escape to the Island of Gods with this deeply therapeutic and innovative bodywork creation. Authentic techniques that allow your senses to radiate & reminisce.

CHF 160 60 min
CHF 220 90 min


Batu Panas

Invigorating hot-stone massage using riverbed stones full of therapeutic properties. This form of healing has been proven to trigger a relaxation response in the nervous system and restore fluidity to the connective tissue and joints.

CHF 160 60 min
CHF 220 90 min


Balima Pass

Freedom pack of treatment time to enjoy alone or share with a partner/family member. Choose any Balima treatment and deduct the massage time (valid 12 months).

CHF 725 5 hrs
CHF 1'380 10 hrs
CHF 2'515 20 hrs





Unique treatments to based on traditional Indonesian techniques to improve mobility & mindfulness.

Pijat Urat

Profound traditional techniques to empower spiritual healing & energetic balance. An alternative combination of diagnostic reflexology, body mapping & bodywork therapy to unearth positive energy flow and harmony of the chakras. 100% Indonesian.

CHF 230 90 min


Balima Berdua (duo)

Indulge the senses with a welcome glass of prosecco/coconut water whilst enjoying a relaxing Foot Ritual (15min) followed by the signature massage Bali Santai (75min). The perfect way to share time with a loved one and the ultimate escape for two.

CHF 440 90min


Jiwa Utama (*NEW*)

Innovative energy therapy to promote postural correction and muscular realignment. A blend of Deep-Tissue massage & Myofascial Release help the flow of the meridian lines and relieve the root cause of chronic or acute pain & tension.

CHF 230 90min





Our special offers reward your loyalty and celebrate the joy of massage. Gift vouchers available, please contact reception.


Celebrate the Month of Love with a companion - 2 x Bali Santai 90 minutes treatments for a discounted price. The zen way to share time with friends & loved ones.Valid from Monday to Friday.

CHF 440 415 CHF 90 min