“As a child growing up in Bali, I was raised to believe in nature for personal health & skin care. From body scrubs using jasmine flowers in the garden to homemade coconut body oils, such resources were at my grandma’s fingertips.
In fact, self-therapy is an everyday ritual for women in Indonesia and has been for generations, long before luxury spas existed.

Due to their unique charm, day spas have surged in popularity over the years and are now found all over Bali.
It is a privilege to bring this part of my heritage to Switzerland for fellow spa-lovers to enjoy.”



"Like all bodywork therapists, once I was introduced to Bali's powerful energy I naturally fell in love. On the first morning of my first visit, I was confronted and charged at by a giant lizard (Kadal). Wayan, the laughing gardener, assured me that this rare creature brings good fortune. From that moment on, I was captivaed by the island's spiritual mystique and knew there was something special to be captured.

The vibrant nature of Bali's spa treatments blew my senses away but how to replicate this philisophy for others to enjoy? Taking my mini-dragon encounter as a blessing, we created Balima; a wellness brand inspired by the magical spa culture of Bali."


At Balima, we firmly believe that treatments to relax and unwind are an essential part of a well-balanced lifestyle. Just like those of Rhoshinta’s ancestors, our spa products do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives.
This passion for purity is combined with an expert team of therapists dedicated to your wellbeing (alongside a Swiss eye-for-detail).
We hope you enjoy this escape to Bali, or what we like to call the next best thing.

Core Values

. We think a healthy body and a healthy mind are inseparable.
. We believe in nature as the ultimate resource in health & wellbeing.
. We treat our guests as members of the Balima family.
. We feel the power of touch.
. We know life feels better after a massage.

Support Of Anak

Aid to Indonesian children, a non-profit, apolitical and non-denominational humanitarian organisation founded in 2003. The association works to educate children from remote villages on the island of Bali. Visit website