Have you had a look at our Balima Pass? We always suggest our regular patrons go for this freedom pack as it will be quite beneficial. You can choose any of our Balima massage therapies and simply deduct the massage time from your pack. This pass is valid for 12 months. We have three options available: CHF 675 for 5 hrs, CHF 1'290 for 10 hrs and CHF 2'350 for 20 hrs. You can enjoy any of these treatments alone or can share them with a partner or family member.

If you are a regular, the pre-paid Balima Pass will certainly be a smart way of enjoying our spa therapies in an even more affordable way. Enjoy these perks and de-stress well with therapies that are carefully designed for you. If you haven’t already, it is definitely time to visit Balima Day Spa to experience our fantastic massage therapies. We are all set to serve you with all possible care and attention. Come put your feet up and get ready to relax and rejuvenate in the best way possible.


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The Athlete - Our Best Massage for Muscle Recovery

Strenuous activity and workouts can often lead to muscle fatigue. This muscle fatigue requires a good amount of rest and recovery for you to get back to 100%. Alongside rest and recovery, massage therapy can also offer an effective solution in overcoming muscle fatigue. Massage therapies that work specifically on the muscles with adequate amounts of pressure can reduce muscle fatigue significantly and aid in faster muscle recovery.

Special Offers on Couple’s Spa Therapies

We always say, it doesn’t have to be an anniversary or Valentine’s Day to celebrate yourself and your partner. We have some wonderful massage therapies for couples to relax, rejuvenate and spend some quality time together. And our people at Balima Day Spa leave no stone unturned to make sure that you have the best time here.