A conventional massage makes use of oil to massage the body. A scrub massage on the other hand uses good quality and a good amount of scrubbing agents while massaging the body. A scrub massage eliminates dead blood cells, prevents ingrown hair, improves blood circulation and refreshes your skin.
Body scrubs exfoliate and moisturise at the same time. Lately, there is a lot of variety available as far as the type of scrubs is concerned. You can choose as per your likes and wishes. A new type each time works too.
Some of the benefits of choosing a scrub massage are:
1. Skin moisturiser
Once you use an exfoliating scrub, your skin will be able to absorb the moisture better. The dead blood cells are eliminated which leave your skin open to absorb moisture.
2. Refreshes your appearance
Once your dead blood cells are eliminated and blood circulation is done right, the look on your face is automatically refreshed. If you look good, you feel confident.
3. Prevents ingrown hairs
A good scrub gets rid of the razor bumps and prevents ingrown hairs. It even reduces the stinging feeling you get after shaving.
4. Clears pores
Using a scrub massage even gets rid of those stubborn acne marks that refuse to go. It clears your pores and makes your skin look clean.
There is no theoretical answer as to how often you should get a scrub massage. Ideally once or twice a month is good enough to keep your skin healthy and body rejuvenated. Look good and feel good with the right kind of body scrub massage.


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