Deep Tissue Massage is a firm massage technique that focusses on the deeper layers of muscles, tendons and tissues, like the fascia and other supportive tissues. It involves the use of firm pressure to reach those deeper areas. Alternatively, by involving gentler, yet sustained pressure, this can effectively target the myofascial layer.

This form of massage is often recommended for chronic muscular pain, injury rehabilitation, general stress and muscle tension release. With its specific techniques, it can also help ease sciatica pain.  Sciatic pain can be caused by tightness in the trunk, the lower back or in core muscles. If muscles are tight, they can apply pressure to the sciatic nerve root in the lower back which can be very uncomfortable. Knotted muscles in small painful nodules can also cause trigger-point pain.

Massage therapy, such as a Deep Tissue Massage, is effective at loosening, stretching and elongating these muscles. It can also relieve pain and improve function in your legs and lower back. 

Studies have shown that, for treating lower back pain, a Deep Tissue Massage can be just as successful as taking a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug.

It’s an aggressive massage technique that helps release and soothe tense muscles. The use of slow strokes and deep finger pressure works well on lower back muscles, relieving tension from muscles and connective tissues.

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