As often as we take care of and pamper our face, do we pay the same attention to our body? People use several products to help remove dead skin from face and spend time on taking care of the face, but do you put in the same effort in taking care of your body as well?
Guess not! That is why you have spas to pamper your body. Exfoliation is important! Regular exfoliation helps your body to stimulate collagen synthesis which improves the texture and integrity of the skin making it look tight, and young. If you have a lot of dead skin cells, the chances of penetration and absorption of your skincare moisturizers and serums is reduced.
Hence a good exfoliating massage is given once in a while. At Balima Day Spa, we have two fabulous options for you:
Our DEWI CINTA is a luxurious full-body massage that combines aromatherapy, exfoliation & cellulite smoother techniques. A treatment that nourishes the skin, mind & soul and stimulates the afterglow effect. An absolute guilt-free pampering option to celebrate the Indonesian ‘Goddess of Love’.
MANDI LULUR is another exfoliating body scrub that is followed by a soothing massage to enrich the skin & soul. A beauty ritual originating from Javanese royalty, it uses unique blends of herbs and spices to eliminate dead skin cells and restore life to our largest organ. This massage is on offer at the moment.

Visit us to have a look at all our massage options. We have a range of soothing therapies to pamper, relax and rejuvenate you. Browse through the have a look!


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