How is yoga linked to Bali?
Bali, "the Island of the Gods", is one of the Mother Earth’s unique spiritual cultures. At the
heart of Balinese culture, is an essential unity between a healthy body, mind & soul.

Balinese people consider that the natural world around us is connected with spiritual
energy, a force that in yoga is called "prana" or cosmic energy (the creator of all life). Their
belief in this force/prana is as real as the air we breathe; the foundation of all yoga
practices. Bali is also a place of transformation for those with a passion for food and is a
paradise for foodies following a yogic diet.

Here at Balima, we believe it is essential to incorporate these ancient body-mind movement
practices into daily life in combination with rest & relaxation.

What is the philosophy behind Balima Flow Yoga?
Balima Flow is a multi-faceted approach to yoga that renews your energy through a
combination of mindful movement, postural alignment, meditation, pranayama breathing
techniques and nutritional advice. Essentially, it’s taking the time for connection, creation
and transformation.

Laura, our new addition to the team, has several years of instructor experience in
Vancouver & Paris before moving to Geneva. She believes that the body is a metaphor for
the mind, « the more open your body becomes, the easier it is to be open in other aspects of
life; you’ll see better results in your movement through this inner and outer therapy. »

Why private yoga classes?
We are aware that everyone is on their own journey and train at different levels. Whether
you have a lot of experience or are just getting started, each 1-to-1 yoga class will be shaped
to fit your needs and deepen your practice. Along with the numerous health benefits of
practicing yoga, we believe that personalised classes will bring greater results in reaching
your goals and create a more focused understanding of your mind-body relationship.

"Movement is therapy, and is an act of gratitude towards the vessel you continue to live in.
Why wouldn’t you express love and kindness to something that is there for you every day?"

Intrigued? Book your first session here or try a free 30min consultation before getting


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