At Balima Day Spa in Geneva, we have a wide range of excellent massage treatments that each offer fantastic benefits.
One of the most popular treatments is our Batu Panas, an invigorating hot-stone massage that involves the use of riverbed stones. These stones are known for their full therapeutic properties that trigger a relaxation response in the nervous system while also restoring fluidity to the connective tissue and joints.

This hot stone massage therapy is an hour and a half of pure bliss! Batu Panas is a perfect blend of the soothing properties of hot stones in an environment that always has elements of aromatherapy to relax, soothe and rejuvenate you! The hot riverbed stones with natural oils glide across the body soothing the nervous system and gently balancing your body’s energies while removing stress and knots. If you are looking for something different to pamper yourselves other than the usual, you definitely must give this a try!

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