One of the most common questions that we get at Balima is how often should one get a massage? Well, this depends on your body, your health and your lifestyle. To determine the frequency of your massages you should also consider your physical needs, pain, emotional needs and personal circumstances.
Stress, for example, can have a nullifying effect on positive things that you do, such as working out and eating right. A massage can be a welcome relief in such cases as it can help reduce tension, lower blood pressure and also reduce the cortisol levels in your body. A good massage once a month for stress relief can be beneficial and will help overcome the negative effects of stress on your mind and body.
For an athlete on the other hand, the frequency of massage depends a lot on your training intensity. Sometimes a weekly or a bi weekly massage is recommended for maintaining form as a good massage stimulates blood flow, removes lactic acid build-up, reduces muscle tension, improves range of motion and muscle flexibility.
For someone working a typical 5 days a week office job, a full body massage every two weeks will help to reduce stress as well as soothe the back and neck muscles that get tired due to prolonged sitting at the desk.
Massage for pain management after an injury or due to other medical issues will depend on specific requirements and the severity of the issue. After an injury for instance, your therapist may recommend a weekly or a bi weekly massage throughout your recovery.
So, to answer the question, the frequency of massage depends on your situation and specific requirements. At Balima Day Spa we are happy to discuss your circumstances and recommend the best massage treatment for you.



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