Couples massage doesn't necessarily mean that both individuals receive the massage on the same table. Instead, it entails both individuals experiencing the same type of massage on two separate tables. Typically held in a private room, these massages feature side-by-side tables, allowing the couples and masseuses easy access to one another.

Various types of massages are available for couples:

Swedish Massage
Originating from Scandinavia, this technique primarily focuses on relaxation. It involves deep massage strokes that glide across the body.

Shiatsu Massage
Drawing from Chinese medicine, Shiatsu massage targets stress release and promotes blood circulation. By working on specific points, it clears blockages within the body.

Thai Massage
Thai massage can be performed on a fully clothed individual. It enhances flexibility and alleviates pain.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massages alleviate chronic tension by targeting the deep muscle layers. Kneading techniques are commonly employed.

Hot Stone Massage
Incorporating heated stones, this massage targets pressure points and helps untangle knots, ultimately inducing relaxation.

Focusing on the pressure points of the feet, reflexology is essentially a foot massage that facilitates overall body relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage
A variation of Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage incorporates enhanced essential oils and fragrances to create a soothing ambiance.

Regardless of the type of couples massage you select, it will not only help you connect with your partner but also facilitate relaxation, preparing your body to tackle forthcoming work-related stress.


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