The Deep Tissue Massage is a great massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscles, tendons and tissues for total stress relief and complete mind and body rejuvenation. This massage is the best option for injury rehabilitation and stress as well as quick muscle tension release. When done in the right manner, theDeep Tissue Massage helps you relax completely with its soothing effects.

Although the people who specialise in this massage are usually professionally trained, you can try it on your own too for your partner or anyone else. A little know how is all that is necessary. As this massage focuses mainly on the major muscle groups like the neck, lower back and areas that are vulnerable to strain or injuries knowing a little about these parts of the anatomy is essential.

You need a comfortable place for the person to lie down. The massage can be carried out on a massage table or if you plan to carry out the massage on the floor or the bed, ensure that you use a comfortable mattress. The place chosen for the massage should be comfortable for the masseuse as well.

You need something to cover the body parts of the person that is not being worked on. People are not fully clothed during this massage and can feel awkward if left completely exposed.

Choose good body oil for the purpose. You usually do not need a lot of oil for this massage. You should check in advance if the person has any particular allergies to the oil you choose.

You should start with gentle strokes on the back. At this point the pressure to be applied is minimal so as to get the person warmed up and ready for the main part of the massage. You can use your forearms to work the back. Make use of your fingertips or thumbs to probe individual muscles. Once the person is warmed up and relaxed you can start applying more focused pressure by leaning into your fingertips or thumbs. You should treat tense knots or areas where muscle mobility seems to be limited. The key to this massage is gentle pressure to achieve greater penetration into the tissue so as to avoid causing pain. Talk to your client once in a while to make sure that they are comfortable and not feeling uneasy etc.

Watching a few videos can also help you improve your Deep Tissue Massage technique. Updating your knowledge is the key to getting better at it.


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