At Balima Day Spa we have a very well curated mix of massage therapies that cater to different requirements. While some soothe sore muscles there are some that take good care of specific points of pain. There
are some that are well suited to the fast-paced life of executives while we have specific ones that take care of expectant mothers. Here are some of our massage therapies and their specific benefits:


Hot Stone Massage

·       Hot riverbed stones with natural oils glide across the body soothing the nervous system and gently balancing your body’s energies while removing stress and knots.
·       Beneficial for those with ailments such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic conditions
·       Relaxes and relieves muscle spasms and tension
·       Better blood circulation
·       Calms the body
·       Promotes better sleep
·       Reduces stress and anxiety


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage technique involves the use of a firm pressure that reaches the deeper areas. It involves the use of gentle yet sustained pressure to target the myofascial layer. This massage is ideally suited for chronic muscular pain, injury rehabilitation, and muscle tension release.

·       Beneficial for active sports players and athletes
·       Focuses on the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, and tissues like fascia and other supportive tissues.
·       Relieves stress
·       Rejuvenates the mind and body
·       Good for injury rehabilitation
·       Releases muscle tension
·       Improve blood circulation
·       Improves joint mobility
·       Concentrates on the major muscle groups


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a full body massage which involves restful medium-to-light pressure with long and soothing strokes.

·       Helps completely relax and rejuvenate you
·       Enhance blood circulation
·       Induces a deep sense of relaxation
·       Perfect way of unwinding
·       Well suited for people who are new to massage
·       Pain relief
·       Fatigue, depression and anxiety relief


Foot Massage

 Foot massage or reflexology is everyone’s favourite and needs no introduction.

·       Helps improve blood circulation.
·       Works on different pressure points associated with the different parts
·       Can help alleviate body pain as well as headaches, migraines, neck pain, lower and upper back pain
·       Is always a mood uplifter
·       Helps stimulate the muscles present in the feet
·       Reduces stiffness and pain in the ankles or the heels
·       Can be beneficial during pregnancy and can help reduce the effects of edema

As well as these more common massages, we also offer specific massage therapies that incorporate the age-old Indonesian techniques that are soothing and relaxing.

If you are searching for the perfect massage in Geneva, take a look at our full range of treatments on our website and make your booking today.


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