We have special offers available every month. This time round we have a special offer on Mandi Lulur, our signature exfoliating body scrub that is followed by a soothing massage to enrich the skin & soul.

The best part about this therapy is its royal roots. This massage originated in the Indonesian Royal Palaces of Central Java and was believed to be the purifying ritual for the princesses of Javanese royalty.
At Balima Day Spa, we have created our own beautiful and unique blends of herbs and spices, which is effective in eliminating dead skin cells, while also sticking to the roots and taking inspiration from the original ingredients used. You can choose from waist down, waist up or full-body massage.

At the moment we have an offer on the 90 min massage. Get in touch with us to book your appointment and allow us to pamper you like true royalty.


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The Importance of Regular Massages for Those Who Workout

A good full body massage is known to relieve muscle stress and boosts muscle recovery after intense workouts. Nothing works better on your sore muscles than a good massage. A good full body massage reduces inflammation and helps soothe your body while at the same time boosting the healing and recovery of your muscles. If you are training rigorously, a weekly or bi-weekly massage is recommended and can help you speed up muscle recovery.

Exfoliating Body Massage

As often as we take care of and pamper our face, do we pay the same attention to our body? People use several products to help remove dead skin from face and spend time on taking care of the face, but do you put in the same effort in taking care of your body as well?