Desk jobs can lead to poor posture which causes increased head, neck or shoulder pain. A good postural correction massage can help counteract muscle imbalances that not only result in poor body posture but also the aches that come with it. This pain occurs solely due to imbalances that are created by the overuse of some muscles and under use of others.

The amount of postural imbalance varies from person to person and a good corrective massage can effectively alleviate symptoms of such acute and chronic conditions. Corrective massage therapists make use of well-established and tested massage techniques that help in reducing muscle imbalances.
Who can benefit from this massage?
·   Anyone having scar-tissue restrictions
·   Contracted or shortened muscles after an injury
·   Restricted tissue that fails to heal
·   Dehydrated muscle tissue which results in imbalance

At Balima Day Spa, our new addition to the massage therapies is JIWA UTAM, an innovative energy therapy that promotes postural correction and muscular realignment. This massage therapy is a blend of deep-tissue massage & myofascial release that help the flow of the meridian lines and relieve the root cause of chronic or acute pain & tension. If you are facing the effects of day-to-day desk job on your muscles, this massage therapy could work for you.

This massage is available at a discounted price at the moment. Visit our website for more details. As well as this we also have a range of other treatments available to relax and rejuvenate you. Visit our spa in Geneva to pamper yourselves.


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