Muscle knots, or myofascial trigger points, are quite a common phenomenon. These knots are small bumps of muscle that may appear anywhere on the body and are usually a result of muscles being irritated because of a certain repetitive motion. Athletes often have muscle knots if they train a single muscle group for a long time. As well as from workouts, a muscle knot might also be the result of sitting in an awkward position for an extended period of time, especially when you’ve not had the chance to move or take a break. It is common for tension, stress, injury or poor posture to lead to the formation of knots.
These knots occur when the muscle fibres or fascia tighten and tense up and the type of pain they cause can vary. Active trigger points can cause continuous pain whereas latent trigger points may be painful only when pressed on. Fortunately, muscle knots are often manageable at home by yourself. Simple tricks such as gentle stretching, ice and heat, trigger point massage can all help in treating these knots.

But in the case of stubborn knots in your back that cannot be easily taken care of at home, a professional back massage is the best solution. We recommend a deep tissue massage for easing knotted muscles. A good deep tissue massage loosens painful knots and helps realign the deeper layers of muscle. The combination of firm pressure and soothing slow strokes works extremely well on the muscles and connective tissue.
This massage is a slow yet firm massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscles, fascia and other supportive tissues. The use of firm pressure to get to the deeper areas or gentle yet sustained pressure targeting the myofascial layer is what is the most important aspect here. The deep tissue massage is ideally recommended for chronic muscular pain.
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