Spas are actually many centuries old, originally taking place in saunas and bathhouses. Today the idea of visiting a spa is very different, yet the feeling remains the same. Studies have shown that spas are no longer just a luxury. They are a necessity considering the hectic lives that we lead.

Our stress levels are increasing by the minute. It has been proven that over 90% illnesses occur due to stress. If we are able to manage our stress effectively, falling ill will be less frequent. Earlier it was believed that spas were only for the very wealthy and that common man could not afford it. That is not the case anymore though and indulging in a good spa experience is something that everyone can enjoy.
What makes it more than a luxury though?

1. Relaxation
One of the most common advantages of a spa is its relaxing effect. It not only pampers your body but allows you to relax and rejuvenate your mind too which makes you feel better.
2. Boosts your mood
Our mood is automatically uplifted if we feel relaxed. So relaxation and mood go hand in hand.
3. Sleep patterns
Getting a spa and relaxing yourself regularly will also allow you to sleep well and at the right time.
4. Aches and pains
Massaging your muscles also helps reduce any kind of pains that you might be having, mostly owing to stress. But it also treats sports injuries and other back issues.
Consider a spa treatment as a visit for relaxation and rejuvenation of your mind and body rather than just a luxury. Allow yourself to heal physically and mentally to give yourself a relaxed outlook towards life. Visit our day spa in Geneva to benefit from our expert massage services.


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