When it comes to good massage therapy, the products used are as important as the technique itself. While a good technique rejuvenates you from the inside, a good product does wonders to your skin from the outside and makes it glow.

What are the most common products used?
Oil – Massage oil is used in a number of standard massage therapies such as a Swedish massage. This involves long strokes through the body.  Oil, usually, depending upon skin type, does not get absorbed into the body quickly and facilitates the smooth strokes required by a Swedish massage without the need to be applied again and again. Aromatherapies usually use scented oils whereas other massages do have options that are unscented.

Lotion – Massage lotions, despite reducing friction, give a lot of grip to the masseuse which make it easier for them to massage the body without interruption. It makes it possible to manipulate the tissues and muscles. One of the benefits of lotion over oil is that the person need not have a shower after the massage as it does not make the body greasy.

Scrubs – Body scrub massages work wonders when it comes to exfoliation. Having a scrub that is perfectly balanced is important so as to avoid any kind of skin irritation or inflammation.

Aroma Oils – A good spa experience is all about a wholesome package. As much as the techniques and products are important, so is the ambience. And aroma oils make one of the most important ingredients in creating the perfect ambience.

The choice of products is very important when it comes to a good spa experience. Our spa products at Balima Day Spa do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives and stay true to their true Balinese roots. This passion of ours for purity is combined with an expert team of therapists dedicated to your wellbeing. We make sure that when you walk out of our spa it is only with a completely relaxing and rejuvenating experience.


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