A good full body massage is known to relieve muscle stress and boosts muscle recovery after intense workouts. Nothing works better on your sore muscles than a good massage. A good full body massage reduces inflammation and helps soothe your body while at the same time boosting the healing and recovery of your muscles. If you are training rigorously, a weekly or bi-weekly massage is recommended and can help you speed up muscle recovery.

Athletes shouldn’t just rely on a post workout massage though - a pre-workout or pre-event massage is also very important. Seasoned athletes often go for a pre-event massage to warm up and stretch their muscles, which aids in injury prevention. It stimulates the blood flow and removes lactic acid build-up from muscle fibres, while also helping to improve the range of movement and increase flexibility for improved performance.

While the frequency of massage differs from individual to individual, regular massage therapy is important as it helps maintain and improve the range of movement and flexibility as well as the health of your muscles.

Balima Day Spa has some of the best massage therapists in Switzerland  Our THE ATHLETE, is a quite recently added massage which is a great restorative therapy that will soothe your tired muscles like no other. It focuses on the glutes, thighs, calves, and feet and is the ideal treatment for muscle recovery post-ski, cycling, running, and sports training. Get in touch with us today to book your massage.


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